We celebrate the diverse cultures that surround us through workshops, potluck dinners, international films, talent shows and other events. We also attend as many other cultural events as possible on campus & in the community to increase our knowledge and appreciation for diversity.

Advancement of Women Through Higher Education

We have a strong commitment to our academics. All of our sisters attend weekly study hours to achieve what we all came for - to graduate from UC Davis. Our sisters are able to support each other academically and also professionally. We are able to seek out resources that may help us in our future endeavors, whereever it may be.

Community Service

ll of our active sisters participate in individual and group community serivce. We like to give back to our communties in different ways. As part of community serivce, we also give back to the American Cancer Society by volunteering and participating at events that spread awareness about Cancer.


In Delta Xi Phi we have a bond of sisterhood that connects each sister in a unique way. Although we are not connected by blood, we are connected through shared experiences and the desire to uphold what our sorority stands for. Sisters at our chapter have found a family away from home that will always be there for them.  Our unique bond of sisterhood continues for life.


Just as we extend friendship to each other, we extend it to our campus & communities. We show support by co-hosting and participating in events with greek-lettered organizations and other student & community groups.